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hello everyone!

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Hi, chefs and foodies! How's everyone?
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Welcome to the forums! Is there anything specific you're here to learn/talk about? Care to share a little about yourself?
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I'm about to take a 6 month commercial cooking class to finally give in to my passion for cooking AND learning! Hope to learn more food prep tips.
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So you are trying to get into the industry?
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yes sire! hoping to be successful
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Well, let's hear a little about your goals, the food that interests you, the part of the country your in and so forth. I myself am a fledgling cook and maybe we can share experiences and what not.
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I'm into Asian fusion. How about you?

I'm planning to put up my own resto someday. Hopefully in 3 years' time.
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk!

There are lots of posts here which will be of interest to the budding chef - some of the fora are for professionals only to post, but many others are open for everyone, and I hope you will jump in and contribute to any of the topics of interest to you.

There are also specific fora for culinary students, which you may find of special interest.
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