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Haggis issue!!

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Hi all. First post here.

I got a call yesterday from a friend who was in a bit of a bind. He has a Robbie Burns dinner tonight and the group has been unable to get a Haggis in time for the dinner. So I said I would take a crack at it. I manage to find most of the ingredients. lamb heart, kidneys, a little bit of lamb liver but had to bump it up with calfs liver, raw oats which I toasted, suet, and some ground lamb meat. I made all this into kinda a sausage meat seasoned it and spiced it. Now The one thing I could not get was a lambs stomach or a suitable casing. So I rolled this mixture in cheese cloth and basically made it into a torchon. Normally Haggis is boiled but because of the cheese cloth I opted to steam it. I did a mini haggis tester and it seemed to work OK. The down side is the a fair bit of fat leeched out of the cheese cloth and it seemed to be quite dry. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could seal it with out comprimising the flavour when I re heat it?? I thought about coated the cheese cloth in butter but wonder if that might change the flavour. Is there something I could do with the suet??

This has to be one the weirdest things I've ever tried making!!
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I have made chicken Galantines, and have wrapped them in commercial plastic wrap sealed at both ends. It has worked for me and nothing leaked out. did it useing a steamer. They also sell bungets (cow intestine which I know you could use and are salt packed and can be ordered in advance from a wholesale butcher). They also make artificial casings also available from butchers. It is not wierd at all ,its only that it is really an ethnic thing that is not common here. Farina could have also been used as the binder. I salute you in trying to keep it authentic.:smiles:
p/s The plastic wrap, bungets or artificial caseing will not alter your flavours.

If you mix the suet with strained candle wax, you could make tallow for modeling or making carvings.
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is this for a robbie burns celebration or just coincidence???
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