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(I'm a man of wealth and taste?)

Hey folks -

Figured I'd do a brief write up on myself. Finally decided to sign up for a voice after a few weeks of lurking.

Been wanting to cook professionally for quite a while now. Always was the wrong time or wrong place or wrong situation until now. After having my family hit rock bottom, my wife and I decided it'd be better for both of us to do what we wanted and maybe struggle financially, rather than trying to make serious cash and be miserable. So she's going to hair school and I'm trying to break into the restaurant business.

I've limited restaurant experience as of this writing, aside from a few dishwashing gigs, but I'm hoping I can turn up something in my area (Roanoke VA). Though not a culinary mecca by any means, there are a few decent places to grub, including a hotel which sponsors an American Culinary Federation apprenticeship.

Hoping I can get in on an apprenticeship. I already emailed the chef and he's supposed to send me some information. If that fails, I have an interview at one of the decent restaurants around here for a gopher position.

Well, I'm rambling. If any you guys have any hints on snatching an ACF apprenticeship, let me know. I'll probably have some hilarious n00b stories within the new few weeks.

Keep on cookin'.