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whats happing all.

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new youngster in town..looking for some guidence and knowledge.
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Hello and welcome, from a not-so-youngster!
How long have you been interested in cooking?

There are lots of interesting fora on here, feel free to browse and then jump in with any questions you may have, or answers to any questions raised.
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well i've been cooking since i was a wee-lil kid. started my love for culinary when i would help my mother cook as a child. then when i got old enough (14) i started working for the senior citzens center- doing meals on wheels and buffets for the residents, i graduated to family resturants.pizza joints. italian restaurants was kinda a jack of all trades til i went to college. worked at a small pub and food place for a couple years while i "attended college" i have an AA in computer science and i played college baseball for the dawson bucanners. i ended up tearing a ligament in elbow and have yet to rebound- for now it's summers in co-ed softball haha. but back to culinary. currently i am the sous chef for sugarland minnning company- a nice restuarant that has been slowly decling for the past 3 years--we've had a run of bad chefs and now our food cost 65% labor is 125% of our budget and the months not even over!. i try to make sutle hints to our chef but he has his mind set andi can't deter him whatssoever. i'm really here to try and bring our retaurant outa decline and back to popularity. there is only 3 other restaurants we compete with and we have the money to blow them outa the water if the right ingreidents are mixed. any suggestions?
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I'm sorry, but I am not a chef, or even in the trade, but I am sure if you have specific questions to pose, and put them in the professional fora on here, some of the members who ARE in the trade will be willing to help with any queries.
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