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Help w/ Pork Tenderloin

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Hi all, great forums. I am not a chef by all means, but my sister did attend the CIA- as in the Culinary one :) (everyone always asks). However, she is working now, as always and I have a emergency.

I am following a slow cooker recipe for pork loin. I bought a tenderloin instead, and decided to apply a dry rub on it last night. I knew it was a risk b/c it draws out all the juices. Which it did. I am afraid now if i put it into the slow cooker, it will be super dry for my dinner party tonight.

Should i keep the salt/sugar/garlic mixture on it and leave it in its juices until i put it in the slow cooker? Should I cook it in the oven over the slow cooker? Should I remove the dry rub and put in a wet marinade or some olive oil to rehydrate it? Or cook it in the slow cooker w/ the wet marinade/sauce?

The dry rub was inspired by a martha stewart show i saw yesterday in which they were applying the rub to pork butt's.

I think i screwed up! Help- thanks :)
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I would not cook a tenderloin in the slowcooker. Low and slow with a dry rub is great for pork butts or shoulders where the fat will melt and the meat will remain juicy.

I'd leave the rub on but sear it on top of the stove and then place in the oven to finish. Even better, IMO, is to grill it.
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Yes, thats what i was thinking. Can I sear it ahead of time, (then chill) and then finish in the oven? Or do it all at once? Thx!
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Allie is right -- no need to use a slow cooker for a tenderloin. The best ways to cook it are pan-searing, grilling, or broiling, using high heat for a quick cook.

But let's be sure that you do actually have tenderloin: pieces generally weight about a pound, give or take a little, are fairly thin and relatively long, and look like just a piece of muscle, with little or no fat or other membrane. Is this what you have?
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
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yes, i have 2 small tenderloins, apx 1lb each (just over 2lbs total).
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Treat them as 2 1lb roast
sear first on top of stove in heavy pan
finish in oven approx 20 minutes or less
let stand a while. should still be a little pink in center(not Rare) add some chicken stock and brandy to pan about 6 minutes before taking out so you can make a pan au jus to serve with it.
Goes well with sliced sauteed potato:chef:
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Just an idea and you may or may not like it.. but the prolonged oven cooking will only dry it out more, so why not cut it in medaillons (like thick 1 1/2" slices) and pan-fry them? That will cut down the cooking time to a mere minutes, and now you can really be on top of it and stop cooking as soon as it's ready.

But cook them at the last minute, just before serving.
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I agree with French Fries !!!

MMMMMMMedalllionsssssssss :chef:
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