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Fruit carving :D!

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hi all! im interested in learning fruit carving but it's really hard to find step by step tutorial guides. does anyone know any good websites to learn this beautiful art?

anyone know any books that are about fruit carving? ^^ cheers! ^^
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What sort of fruit carving did you have in mind? I mean, are we talking about melon swans or mukimono or what?
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oo..hmm like basic fruit carving using the cheap ingredients first ( carrots,tomatoes etc ;D ) since im just beginning LOL

hmm..carvings such like maybe basic flowers and shapes? the things a real beginner who has never done carving before should get to know first XD!

cheers! ^^:bounce:
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As far as I know, this sort of thing is rather out of fashion in the West just at the moment, so you need to go a generation or more back. Unfortunately, a lot of the haute cuisine guys weren't any great shakes at step-by-step for the non-pro. I'd check out Jacques Pepin: the last major section of Complete Techniques, which you can probably find at a library, includes a lot of stuff like carving fruit and vegetables, chocolate roses, butter roses, and so on.

Mukimono isn't something that's intrinsically more advanced, so much as totally different in basic concept. It doesn't sound like you're quite the obsessive loon you'd have to be to take this up. Pretty stuff, though -- ludicrous, but pretty.

In passing, I should note that I wrote a little column about some rock-bottom basics of decorative cutting: check it out.
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Look for a book titled, "Garnishing-- A Feast for Your Eyes" written by Francis Talyn Lynch.

There is another book with simple somewhat whimsical decorative food items which I believe was authored by Harvey Rosenberg but I'll have to get back to you with the title and possibly the correct name.

This is the book
Amazon.com: garnishing chef harvey - Culinary Arts & Techniques / Cooking, Food & Wine: Books
please note that the correct name of the author is Harvey Rosen instead of Rosenberg.

Both books can be purchased on amazon.com. There is a direct link from cheftalk to the amazon site. Using it when buying the books helps support cheftalk if I'm not mistaken.
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Chris Lehrer - thanks mate! i checked out that website! pretty useful info rite there! oo jacques pepin eh..i think ill try and look up for his name in my school library..im really trying to learn this carving skills! it'll help alot when it comes to plating and presentation :(! omg mukimono is just like epic man...it'll take looong way more before i can reach that far so ill take it a step at a time ;P heheh

jbd - hmm! thanks jbd! imma check my local bookstore around here in hopes i can find his book! :P i live in malaysia and its hard to get some books in my area :( T_T! ill try to look them up as soon as i can okie :)! thanks yea! ^^ hehehehe!

thanks so much for all ur replies ;) ! cheers! hope to carve a bloody sculpture in the near distant future ! :D
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