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Heyyyy [:

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Hi my names Aughtum, and i'm new to this site. I'm a student at Delcastle High School and i'm in my junior year of culinary arts. I'm looking to further my knowledge in all aspects of the cooking industry. :cool:
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Hello - and welcome to Cheftalk.
There is a whole section of the site devoted to culinary students - you will probably find like-minded people in there.

I hope you will have a good look round and then feel free to join in any of the topics which are of interest. However, there are a few sections which you are welcome to read, but are only for professionals to post. Apart from that, post in whatever section interests you.
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Welcome to our forum!!!

You have come to the right place to learn and share...later donna:roll:
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I'm new too. there is a lot of imformation floating around here. Enjoy.
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