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Any nutrionist?

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I've been interested lately in the nutrition field and I was thinking of possibly trying my hand at that after I finish culinary school. Anyone a dietician here? How much do you still work with food? I like to cook healthy food a lot, so much that my instructor believes I am a vegetarian. He believed it would be a relatively easy switch from a cook to a dietician so any help would be appreciated.
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I also attended culinary school before attending a univeristy for Dietetics. The dietetics profession does require a 4 year program that is accredited. After you graduate, you are required to perform an internship at a particular hospital/university. They are available all over the U.S. I have another year plus my internship before I am able to take the RD exam. Many of our classes are food specific. We have classes that involve the science of food, food service management, numerous chemistry classes, and cooking classes. So food is involved in the learning process.

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