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Hello everyone...

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Hello everyone. I am new here. My name is Andy and I love to cook. I am by no means a pro, just love to cook. I am also into smoking foods, cooking on back yard pit, making my own sausage and bacons.
Looking forward to being here, and asking all kinds of questions.
I am presently looking into starting a small in house business to make sausage and bacon. But this will not stop me from cooking.
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Hello Andy, welcome to Cheftalk!

There are all levels of skills on here, from the very basic home cook to masterchefs.
I hope you will have a look around and then join in on any of the threads that are of interest to you, or start your own new topics.

There are a few boards which we try to ensure that are for professionals within the culinary trades - but you are welcome to read all the posts on those fora - I've managed to learn a lot from doing just that!
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