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I am having problems understanding this term and was hoping some one could help explain this? Question being is a baking dish and baking pan the same thing or is it that a baking dish in a recipe means glass and baking pan means metal or does the two mean the same thing and either metal or glass can be used when the term baking dish or baking pan is used. Did some research on this and came up with: Baking dish is a heat resistant dish with low sides,it can be metal or glass. And another say to differentiate between them is baking dish means glass and baking pan means metal. Ok, if reading a recipe and says baking dish are they saying use metal or glass either one, or by saying its a baking dish they mean glass use because if wanted a pan would say baking pan.

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This issue is linguistic rather than truly culinary. Sometimes baking "pans" have low or no sides. Sometimes baking pans have no sides, but impressions as for cupcakes or madeleine. Indeed, sometimes a "baking sheet" is synonymous for a "baking pan." On the other hand, baking dishes always have at least some sides; but sometimes "baking dish" and "baking pan" are synoynyms regardless of the materials of which they are made.

There are no enforceable legal standards over this kind of usage and if you need strict and consistent distinction you will not only be disappointed but confused.

Welcome to my world,
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thanks for the help.
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