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dining in Las Vegas?

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I am heading to Las Vegas next month. Any dining suggestions?

Thank you.
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wow, i would like to know the same question, hopefully i will be headed out this summer to vegas
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On the strip.
Pho @ Treasure Island. Big bowls of soup noodles, filling and not expensive.
Can't remember the name, its a bakery @ Paris. Does big sandwiches on various fresh french breads, combo it up with a soup for good value, be prepared to save half the sandwich.
Buffets, Paris and Bellagio are my favorites. Todai @ Planet Hollywood if you're into sushi though a little pricey. MGM, I've had mixed experiences there, very inconsistent.
Avoid the breakfast buffets at all the hotels period. Settle in at the hotel coffee shop, hold out for lunch + dinner. I won't even bother with McD's or Dennys for breakfast.
If you can get into Bouchon @ Venetian, tell me what its like. I've gone to Vegas 3x with the purpose of getting in but didn't or couldn't.
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