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health depts around the country  

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Each health dept is different not only state to state, but area to area...stl city is very different than stl county.

That being said.....typically aging meats for restaurant use is a tricky business....much like sous vide or canning, you need to provide most HD's with a haccp plan. What do you see occurring not only in the bay area but
in your travels?

Ultimately isn't it fed regs that are flowing down?
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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sous vide can be dangerous because of the risk of bottulism as well as other pathagens and should be taken seriously.
I support controls and proper training for chefs and kitchen that want to pursue this technique since it can be deadly.
As far as aging meat the issue is having a frig that can maintain the proper 34 degrees and humidity which means it should not be opened and closed very often and few restaurants can afford to have such.
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20 years ago I did some work for WR Grace Corp re. Sous vide. Reps were at a meeting with us in New York. Julie believe me when I say they new nothing about it or the process other then what they read. We sugested to them that refrig should be equipped with double compressors and fans to maintain the temp at all times. We also told them that all spices had to be added and sterilized in liquid forms. They told us we could not do it in a restaurant , yet gave no logical reasons why.We sent them on their way with papers and test that we had conducted. I believe they still use them. Oh
well every one enjoy their peanut butter, that took them 4 monthes to discover, and the owner of the place is still not in jail. ED B
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In light of Thomas Keller's new book Under Pleasure (I have not read it yet), I assume that more chefs are going to try sous vide. That is scarry since some may choose to toss some garlic or onions or some other veg that may very well be loaded with the common soil bacteria, bolulina (sp)? That would not be good.
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