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Old Traditional Sausages....  

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For years families, neighbors or churches would kill pig(s) and prepare sausages, hams, etc as a was a tradition both here in the midwest German farming communities and in Southern LA amoungst the Cajuns/farmers. That practice has wained and should probably be on a extinction list for food practices not practiced any more. Last year, I just chanced upon a small town blacksmith (94 years young and still flirty) that had a "butchering closet" at the smithshop, in it was a hand grinder, various kettles, knives that had serious use on them and piece de resistance a small box of sausage recipes. Well, and there was that humoungous cast iron skillet that I covet to this day.

My question is: do you know of any one or any organized group (possibly Southern Foodways, maybe SLOW Food, possibly some academics) that are saving the old recipes and techniques, possibly filming the events so they will be a guide?

Boudin Noir from Cajun Country, rice/liver boudin, head of our prize German butchers has opted not to make spicy head cheese nor put liverwurst in stomach pouches anymore....

You've written recipes for most of those, and actually Steingarten has written about Cajun and French hog killings.....

Do you see them as viable in todays world? As I type this the fact that canning is on the upswing and Ball jar sales went through the roof last is butchering that far removed?
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....

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The Southern Foodways is doing just such a project in their oral history project and it does include a sausage maker from Cajun country who is the uncle of Donald Link form Herbant in New Orleans.
It is already happening and many young talented chefs are considering careers in butcher rather that opening up there own restaurants. I also know many chefs working with folks who raise a pig or do to turn their meat into delightful concoctions.
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