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Chicken and Apple Sausage  

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Bruce, thanks for agreeing to be on cheftalk. I'm impressed with charcuterie, more impressed with your charcuterie, but what I'm most impressed with is the Chicken and Apple sausage. I think, IMO of course, that you have created a modern classic. Sure it's not Knockwurst or Polish, but within the right circles, Chicken and Apple sausage is served right alongside Bratwurst and Beer. I just want to say how impressed I am with that combination.

So, sorry for rambling, but would you mind telling us how that particular combination came about? Frankly, if someone had come up to me 10-15 years ago and said "hey, I have an idea for a chicken sausage with apples" I'd have laughed them off! :)

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Actually I did come up with it 25 years ago but I did not make it with chicken at first. I made it with pheasant because a friend who was a commercial pheasant farmer was sitting on too many thighs and had not where to sell them. He made a price that I could not refuse and decided to make a sausage inspired by a favorite Normandy dish of pheasant with apples and cream. Needless to say by the time the sausage was ready for sale the farmer was out of business so I switched to chicken thighs instead.

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The pheasant and apple sausages sounds absolutly delicious! Would you ever bring a product like this in for a limited time?

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I am no longer in the sausage business so I can't speak for the company the bares my name. My guess it would be very expensive. If however you wish to make your own I have good recipes for pheasant and chicken apple in my Complete Sausage Book.
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