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Hi everybody. So I am attending the art institute of Houston for Baking and Pastry. My goal is to be as good as my current Pastry chef one day so I have a whole lot of questions. If any of you guys could help me that would be awesome.:look:
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:bounce:Just wanted to say hello and welcome!!! I am just a home cook...cook for my DH...and friends....here to learn new recipes....and make friends....later donna:lips:
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Welcome to Cheftalk;)

There are lots of different areas on this site which you will find helpful, including the section for culinary students. There are lots of members who are in the same boat as you, ie students! Plus we have the added bonus of having many great chefs, patissieres etc.

Have a look around and feel free to join in any topic of interest to you, or post your own questions/recipes.
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