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I've been away for a while and noticed that you are appearing on our site to answer questions. Shame I noticed with only one day remaining. Doohhh!!!!

For years I have been playing around with home charcuterie and smoking meats on my days off. Just a few years ago I became able to devote a increased amount of time to this.

Currently I utilize a shed refrigerator and a simple smoker. I cure Italian style fennel sausage (hot and mild) in the fridge, and typically utilize the smoker during the spring months.

The sausage recipe I use was once my Grandmothers. It is similar to a soprasotta but has no garlic just plety of fennel, paprika and ground chilie peppers. She cured all sorts of meats under the porch in their home on the Southside of Chicago, primarily during the winter months. The temperature and the humidity level of the that area under the porch was ideal for her proscuittos, guanciale, sausage and even stored some of her cheeses under there.

The fridge is not the best way since the product I do make tends to come out too dried. Given our proximity to water and the high ground water level we are not in an area that uses basements. Plus given the fact that we can and have been well below the freezing mark....a shed, which we already have, is not suitable.

I am currently in the Mid-Atlantic region, more specifically just south of Richmond, VA, and I know this area is rich in the heritage of curing and smoking meats. I have searched the web specifically for plans to build a smokehouse and come up short. I was wondering if you are aware of any such plans, have any thoughts or.... if it is even a reasonable idea to do something of this sort on ones property. I only want to do this for our own consumption and maybe some friends at this point but just need point in the right direction and to know if there is anything(s) to put a kink in the idea?

By the way I have had and enjoy very much your Andouille Sausage. It's nice to know that there is a great tasting product available when I do my yearly red beans and rice and crawfish ettouffee. Too bad the wife and daughter won't touch either well... not really. Means more for me.:look: I just wish it was sold in a larger portion (longer) for PoBoys.
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we are doing charcuterie in my college garde manger class. i really enjoyed it.
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To answer your question about andouille. The wholesale pack is still made in the 12 inch links. Contact the company to find more info who may have it in your area.

Instead of the web try Amazon or a well stocked bookstore. There is an excellent book , Butcherungm Oricessung and Preservation of Meat by Frand G Ashbrook that show how to construct a smokehouse as does one by Wilbur F. Eastman JR on canning, freezing and smoking.
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I guess we've become so tied to the web we forget, sometimes, that there is a whole other form of research tool available. In my defense I have visited a couple of area facilities only to get the "bums rush" as if I was asking for a trade secret. I guess in some ways I am but then again...not really since I have a basic understanding of things.

I will, however, look for the info you have mentioned. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my very sincere but "medicinally enhanced" question:beer:
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