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Hey oldschool1982

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I saw your post regarding smoke house plans in the guest forum with Bruce. Look at books that have to do with homesteading/back to the land type living. Garden Way Publishing comes to mind, which is a division of Storey Communications I believe. One book I have from them is about raising hogs and while it doesn't give a specific plan it gives a simple description with a few pictures for a smokehouse and its use.

Other such books usually have at least some line drawings.

Heres some stuff I found

Amazon.com: Build a Smokehouse: Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-81 (A Storey country wisdom bulletin): Ed Epstein: Books# This one is a small booklet or pamphlet but it will give you the nuts and bolts of what you need to know.

We have what was once a rather large smokehouse just behind our house. It actually has two levels with an additional enclosed area for storage of wood. These days its just a storage shed.
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The Sausage Maker, Inc. - Sausage Making Equipment & Supplies sells complete units. The Big Chief smoker is also pretty decent KC Grills as Bruce mentioned the old refrigerators with steel liners make excellent smokers with a hot plate for the heat source. If you want more space you can use a wood box or building with a small fire in the center to cold smoke. Then there are the Cookshack smokers including the FE100 that many BBQ teams use Cookshack | Official Website of Cookshack Original Electric Smoker Ovens for Backyard Barbecue. It all depends on your budget. I am thinking about the Super Chief pellet smoker from KC Grills, you can cold smoke or hot smoke ribs, brisket, etc.
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Thanks Gang! I'll have a look-see as soon as I get a couple things out of the way.:D

I just wish I had access to an old cellar and porch like at my Grandparents old house. ;)
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