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Attn: Personal Chefs

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Give me the good, bad, and ugly of being a personal chef. I am very unfamiliar with how this career works so any info is much appreciated.
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Good: you choose who you cook for
Can be in a gorgeous kitchen
Creative outlet
Good pay for time

Bad: you have to find clients willing (able) to pay you
you have to find reliable non flaky clients in it for the long haul
you have to make sure to define the relationship from the get go
you have to be part mind reader

Ugly: clogging sinks, not good for business
getting locked outside with stuff on the stove

If you are self motivated, have semi decent people skills, know how to sell yourself and your skills, can figure out what a client wants without them being able to give specifics, knowing how to budget when necessary.....
it's a great gig.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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i am looking to make the leap as well, however current economic conditions are making me think twice...
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