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"The salmonella outbreak that has sickened nearly 600 people and contributed to at least 8 known death scould have been prevented had the FDA and Usda acted earlier.(Pnut Butter)result over 1500 different product recalled
As well as E coli recall of millions of pounds of beef.
Recall of millions of pounds of dog food that killed many .
Walmart and Mcdonalds decision to stop selling tainted tomatoes
90 types of canned chili being recalled
Cal. lettuce and spinach recall and many, many more.
Congress has now called for a total overhaul of the FDA which regulates about 80% of our food supply. They are to slow said Rep. Rosa De Laurio D-Conn. The proposed legislation would create a seperate Food Safety Administration of knowledgable food people to oversee and to create food standards that work. Manufacturers would be personally liabel. for products. The way it is now the FDA jobs out a lot of its inspections to individual states and some of them are not to knowledgable re food inspection.I was so happy to read this since for years I have said the system is terrible. There is no reason the public should find out 3 to 6 monthes after it happens that they were exposed to any kind of food born pathogen.:D
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no way govt agencies failed us??? say it isnt so~!? whats next the SEC missing a 50b dollar scam? or DOH food inspectors taking bribes to keep schlock house restaurants open? no way.
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