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****'s Kitchen

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Anyone watching ****'s Kitchen? Sorry, this is funny. The forum won't allow me to write the word! Recently I read a book entitled, "Skinny B@%$" and I wasn't allowed to use the title of the book in the title of my Book Review on Ezinearticles. Anyway I've anyone watching the show_________ with Chef Gordon Ramsay?
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its horrible lol, thats my 2 cents
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Are you saying that you wouldn't jump at the chance to be on the show?:lips:
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I don't like watching it. I like watching Kitchen Knightmares. It makes me look at interesting places and how they suck at running it. :p
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the show is horrible, its a tourist attraction and a show in LV... thats it. idk if theres a new season or not, however i saw one season with the most ragtag group of weirdos, i have no idea how they even made it onto the show.
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It's entertainment, and as far as reality shows go, it's one I can tolerate watching.

Kitchen Nightmares is good (the BBC version, not the US).
The US is geared more like Heck's :lips: Kitchen, volatility rules all.
The BBC version is more toned down, and Gordon acts like he's actually there to help, instead of just pick a fight.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
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That's us British, JustJim - understated, polite, NICE people:lol:

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'F Word' is good... along with dragons den and top gear...
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I am watched it last year for the first time, and like you I was shocked by the people on the show. What rock did they crawl out from was strange. So yes, I agree with your weirdo tag.

I do like Gordon Ramsey, something about him makes me laugh. He goes from being a lunatic to helpful within a nano second. I should add...I do like watching him, I'm not sure I would want to be working under him!
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JIM In my opinion Ramsay is one of the most qualified on the tube. The US version is more violent as is the US over The Brits. Some of the places he goes into should have been closed by their respective health departments before he ever went into them. As far as Hells Kitch he has a girl on there who says she is a cooking instructor? and as he says she is stealing the students money. She has messed up everything to date. One thing I say about the guy his restaurants are top shelf. He knows his onions.:D
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lol, agreed... i think hes a great chef, and very talented... ive read marco pierre white's book as well and i found myself wondering if i would want that kind of 'help' from them... granted theyre talented and educated men with a lot of too offer, but im not sure ill be able to handle that type of instruction...
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Gordon really knows his way around ingredients. His food is delicious and at the end of the day that's what matters to me.

****'s Kitchen US is all set up, I'm willing to bet that the restaurants are instructed to not clean and clear out their fridges for a month beforehand haha. It seems too contrived and I can't imagine a health inspector walking in and not noticing those things.

The UK version seems more authentic and Gordon doesn't come across like a raving lunatic.

Has anyone watched Last Restaurant Standing? I'm getting into it now and I really like the concept. I don't know anything about the chef.

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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Watching right now...he just threw meat! You are spot on....Raving Lunatic...LOL!
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I much prefer Kitchen Nightmares - when he is helping someone to correct their problems and make what they are doing into a paying, profitable business, and not just bitching them out as in HK, he's better.

But I wouldn't want to be inside his head.... I got enough stress happening. He is talented, he's making the most out of what he is and what he can do with it.

I like to see the mentoring side of him more than the HK stuff - yeah it is eye candy, I watch it, but sometimes I think it's too much chasing the dollar by producing a show for the masses. In the same breath, does HK inspire people to do better and try harder? Dunno, I'm not a chef, just wondering :)
 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

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It's obvious that most trained professionals can see past the theatrics and pick out what's happening. And like most, I prefer to watch The BBC version of his Nightmares. Just wish they came out with some new ones. The whole reality thing is a waste to us, only goes to show what folks will do, out of greed or lack of ethics, to get what they want and it only serves it's self.

The show this year is far and above one of the better seasons and we have watched them all. Still this doesn't say much mostly because of how highly edited and reassembled the show looks at times. You can also see how they have to hold on to the egits to keep the show in it's intended format or temper. Personally, the guy they got rid of last night had more potential than the guy they kept. Charlie, for whatever faults was still a cook and had shown the ability to adapt (plus what he said about knowing and learning were spot on) where that Seth character does not rate comment. It's funny to have been in the business as long as I was and then sit and watch, on TV, all of the characters I have seen throughout my career waltz across the screen. We would always joke that someone should make a show outta this. ;)

On a personal/professional note..... I have to say that I have a good deal of respect for Ramsay's talent and in some (if not many) cases his methods. Not the methods you see edited for effect but the ones you see when you look past the editing and create the context they were intended to for actually running a kitchen of his style and level of execution. I also have to say that No, his methods are not always the way folks want to be dealt with but in many cases they are the way they need to be dealt with. It's all about action and consequences and like Murphy's law there should be an equal and opposite reaction for each one (action and consequences) and judging by society's gradual slip into the lower levels of mediocrity and beyond, it's a way that is sorely needed to return. I never liked it when I went through it, as a newbie in the industry or life in general for that matter and I'm not saying that it was like a boot camp growing up. Far from it. What I am saying is that I honestly I am better for going through all of what I did when I was coming up through the ranks and growing up. What I did with my experiences and knowledge was my own choice. I will say that I wish I would have followed my instincts more and not caved to pressure from the HR schleps. But like I said it was my choice and I own my decisions...Like them or not.

It would be nice if we had a couple individuals on the boards here that have actually worked for Gordon Ramsay. It would be nice to hear from that side of the coin. Then again, to protect his image, they may have all been placed under or signed some form of a "gag order" or something.:look:
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I've worked with CMac, winner of last year's show.....
she chose to work in LA working each station, rotating over the course of a year. Christine is young, just out of CIA....certainly does not have exec chef chops. She's a delight, serious, etc but just does not have the life experiences that generally come with age.

Gordon lost my respect when he slipped and totally dissed women chefs on Conan O'Brien last week.....really bad chef.:cool:
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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I'm puzzled at Gordon Ramsay dissing female chefs. He has always actively promoted women in his kitchens. One of the very best of his apprentices is Angela Hartnett. I've eaten her food at two of his restaurants, and she has now got her 'own' restaurant under the Ramsay banner.
Angela Hartnett - Chef Patron at the York & Albany
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What did he say?
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norm macdonald called him a cook, and ramsay said something to the effect of 'im a chef, women are cooks'. it was one of the best conan episodes in 16yrs imo... norm macdonald was so **** funny...

full episode here:
NBC Video Rewind
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norm was higher than a kite, Gordon showed his true colors....lout.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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lol, he was definitely the highest hes ever been on conan... just rambling and saying the funniest crap ever...
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Watched it...Why do they always ruin these extras with drunk guests? Not impressed.
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why is the cooking segment always a huge joke and not taken seriously on any talk show???
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I thought it was a super demo's got to be a challenge to work with drunk idiots, other than marketing to a different demographic I can't figure out why Gordon would walk into that mess. This is where I'm holding my fingers back from typing derogatory comments against Gordon Ramsey.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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I gotta wonder how much heckling Norm gave Gordon off camera. I'd bet dollars to donuts that it was a good amount. I'd also have to agree that the way Gordon has promoted it doesn't make sense.

Yet I can see why a statement like that, taken in direct context to the professional setting, could put you off on him. Still, not having seen the interview, or been behind the scenes, I still have to wonder though... Could it possibly have been a reference to cooks at home since his training would and does put the title of Chef behind every position that appears on his show or operates his kitchens? Then again I really haven't watched any form of late night show since May 22nd 1992. Not a defense, just an observation;)
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Based on how people seem to work for Ramsay for a very long time and how he comes off in the British Nightmares, I personally think he's basically a pretty nice guy.

You can tell he doesn't put as much personal effort into the US Nightmares but hes a lot bigger now then he was when he started them in the UK. And yea its all about the drama.

While ****'s Kitchen won't teach me much about cooking, or running a kitchen, I have to admit I get a guilty pleasure watching him mess with people and provoke them on it, being most are completely unqualified.

Seth was kept on not because he was better than Charlie, but because of the drama potential he generates. The show NEEDS big screw ups, you can't have those if you have competent chefs, you need hacks to drag teams down and try to cheat.

I'm sure more than once Ramsay picked a challenge winner based not on performance but what brings the most drama to the show. **** there was one last season where the prize was a photo shoot. Do you think Ramsay was going to go pose with a bunch of men? :lol:
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im curious to see how the show with marco pierre white is going to turn out... the australian / british version is pretty good but its not something i think will be popular in the states...
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How hard can it be? You have one seating, tables aren't even turned. Pretty basic menu, ie., Beef Wellington, Rack of Lamb, Caesar Salad, Risotto, etc. Eight people on each team. Seriously, what's the problem?
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you should sign up... youd definitely win then.
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I should. But I'm too plain.
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