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another californian

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hello all

found this site while googling for something or other related to cooking. . . lots of good info and its nice to be able to communicate with other people in varying levels of the culinary world

myself: i am currently a cook at Whole Foods in the prepared foods/deli department - not my ideal position but its paying the bills right now. also going through the culinary program at the local college. Previously lived in San Francisco and worked at a small, fine-dining establishment for about two years there. loved it and learned a ton at first but unfortunately the chef quit due to issues with management and the kitchen was reduced to me and 5 employees who spoke little to no english. i learned a lot of spanish in a short time and we managed to keep things together pretty well - until the owner sold the restaurant and i could no longer afford to live in SF. great experience and i would love to be back in the chaotic, exciting, hectic world of the restaurant kitchen. someday.

looking forward to learning lots from all of you!
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Hello there and welcome to Cheftalk.

You will find many members have got a wealth of knowledge about cooking and other related skills. Some like me, are home cooks who love to experiment, but others are master chefs!

Please have a look around and I hope you will join in the 'conversations' that interest you.
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