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Hanging pheasants.

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I was lucky enough to be given 2 whole pheasants on Wednesday that were shot on Tuesday.

I've hung them in my shed but want to know how long isbest as obviously the "gameyness" will develop the longer they are in there. The internet says anything from 2 days to 10 but has anyone got more experience than me.

I haven't gutted them at all as again the internet suggests not to.

Pheasant plucker (sorry couldnt resist)
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When my brothers pheasant hunted we never hung them. Skin them, take the breasts off, chop the rest and use for stock.
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We shoot a lot of wild duck and geese here. I usually don't hang them for more than 3 or 4 days, and I hang them in our refrigerated meat cooler. I draw mine, but don't pluck them till they've hung a while. Personally, I think that business about not drawing them is a load of hooey. How long you can leave them depends on where you are and how cool your garage stays. Beware of daytime temps. If it gets over about 50 degrees in your garage I'd say you're pushing your luck. The purpose of hanging feathered game is to allow the natural breakdown of tissues in the meat to proceed for a while, tenderizing it. Sort of like dry aging beef. I'd also recommend you consider either brining them after they're cleaned or cooking them with bacon-saltpork-lardo etc. or both. We brine all our feathered game, ducks, geese, dove and quail. Wild pheasant will usually have less fat than farm raised. Don't break a tooth on the shotgun pellets!
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