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ice cream

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I've been making ice cream lately ( a lot ) and whilst I've had good results with an uncooked product I've had problems with my cooked one. I put all the ingredients into a pastueriser then make it in a ice cream maker. When the ice cream has been sitting for a day it seems to become "powdery" and impossible to roll unless you drop service temp down to about -10*C I have noticed this is not so evident in the flavours with less fat. I would like to use eggs, milk, cream and sugar as my base but have tried using gum though this was a bit of an experiment as I didn't know how this works other than as an emulsifier.
If anyone can help me with this I would be most grateul.

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Try subbing some of the sugar with corn syrup/glucose or even better, trimoline (a.k.a inverted sugar).
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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Ice cream

I am an Engineer, but been doing ice cream for a long time!
The type of ice cream is a French one, with no cream at all,
a base is made, then the base is used with other ingredients,
I learned this from watching grand mother, mother aunties etc
The base is made of egg yolk, sugar, and milk.
how much you want to make depends on you, for each egg yolk, use one table (heaped) white sugar or Custer sugar, and one cup full cream milk.
mix the egg yolk(s) with sugar and blend well, pour in the milk, and stir well to mix, now place the container and heat up full blast, and stir non stop, make sure you don't stop otherwise it will ruin , will clump up! and has to be discarded!
The first sign of boiling bubble that you observe, take it away and let it cool down, that is the base.
Now for the Flavours, I give Rum Raisin ,
Chop up raisins or sultans, in generous way, place them in a bowl and add rum, a good rum, a strong one be better, cover with plastic wrap and leave for a day(Be better if that was done a day before the base was made),
If you like is a bit fancy melt chocolate in a class bowel by water bath and add to it as well!
Mix the whole thing and place in the Ice Cream Churn and let it spin till you get an elastic type of product, it should stretch , you can add any thing you want but usually alcohol need longer churching as it does not like to freeze!
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One of the best recipes for home made ice cream I found was one I got from a packet of rennet ( used in cheese making). No egg yokes just milk ,cream sugar,rennet, vanilla, Heat, mix, freeze to about 25 and remove from freezer whip with beater put back in freeza once frozen then eat.
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