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Some Internship Advice

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Hello all!

I am a current Culinary student at the Art Institute of California-Inland Empire. I am trying to find information about internships in the hospitatlity industry. I am going to have to do a 130+ hours in a kitchen between june and october of this year. I am trying to find some restaurants/hotels/anywhere that is doing something along thse lines but alas the internet has failed me. But it has led me to this wonderful website. So, now I ask...


where do i go? who do i talk to? where do i start?

Normally, I would expect some help from my campus, but alas, the supposed "student resources department" is too busy with other students to offer anything above pizza delivery driver as a viable job position... but i digress.

I would like an internship in the San Bernardino area working with some sort of hot foods. (im not necessarily a fan of pastries).

Thank you for your time...
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Call a Chef, Don't call them at a busy time of the day. I don't know of any Chef, that would not take a call from a Culinary student. We have all been in the same boat, at one time or another. I would look in the phone book and find some names of Restaurants in your area that may interest you. I would also look to see if the restaurant has a web site, so you could look at the menu they serve. Call the Chef and ask for a meeting, or talk about the internship on the phone. Tell him/her that you are interest in working under a qualified Chef as he/she. We love to hear how great we are, we get tired of telling ourselves all day .......................Take care and good luck.....Bill
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