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Freeze dried fruits

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Has anyone here ever used, tasted, or had any experiences with freeze dried fruit? I am looking for suppliers and I came across some freeze dried fruit products from a company called Honeyville.
Any info or experience(s) that you have had with these products or similar products would be greatly appreciated.
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Compliments of the US military I have had freeze dried strawberries, apples and peaches. All were good IMO as far as taste goes. I never rehydrated them; just ate them in the freeze dried state.

We did make some peach and apple "wine" with them during one particular deployment. Due to circumstances the beverage lacked the refinement of wine and was quite harsh:D
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Thanks for your reply! I am always interested in trying new things and I figured that I would do a little research :lips:. At the website of course they claim that there are no artificial preservatives or sweetners and that after being reconstituted the fruit tastes just like fresh and is just as nutritious. We'll see- I hate being a cynic sometimes!!:p
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I would agree that the taste was as good as fresh fruit picked at or near its peak.

What website were you looking at?
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Honeyvillegrains. I tried to send the link directly but I am restricted :o. There is a section for freeze dried fruits and veggies. You should check it out- they actually have information on their products, unlike other websites that I have been to. Let me know what you think!
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If I remember correctly, either Alinea or Dessert Fourplay cookbooks uses freeze dried strawberries crushed as a garnish for a dessert. I haven't tried it yet but the freeze dried strawberries had such a potent flavor, I am sure it would be good.
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i've used freeze dried fruits before, they give the freshest truest taste for being dried. they pulverize very finely unlike regular dried fruits so they are much more versitile. i've haven't had success in storing an opened bag however, once opened the air softens them to the point of uselessness, very chewy. so once opened must use the whole bag but i get mine in very small bags. haven't had luck finding a supplier though, have had to go to backpacking stores for mine( becomes expensive) i could use their supplier but i never need such huge quantities as cases like they buy. good luck in your search.
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