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Ak-Mak Crackers

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I'm not a big fan of crackers in general, but there is one particular brand that I find delicious and stands out. It's ak-mak crackers. When I make hummus tahini, I make sure to have ak-mak crackers to dip in it. I like the crackers plain, too. Anyone else tried them? Impressed or unimpressed?
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I have never seen these before. I suspect they are not available in northern new england where i live. At least now if I should run across them I'll know to give them a try. Thanks.

I just checked on their web site and they started in Lowell MA and relocated to CA in 1936. I will have to check some of our specality shops to search for these.
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I love Ak-Maks. They've been my favorite cracker for at least thirty years since my old hippie, back-to-the-earth days. They seem to go especially well with tofu salads and vegetarian chili.

I always wondered why they were so expensive, though, especially compared to other similar cracker lines. It can't be the marketing and advertising expense since they haven't changed their packaging in about as long as I've known of them.
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I got some a few days ago at Trader Joe's for $1.39 a package. That doesn't seem like a lot to me . . .
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