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Cooking with Madeira

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I have just discovered a simply wonderful looking recipe for Madeira and mushroom stuffed Beef Tenderloin in a recent magizine i subscribe to. I really cant wait to make this one. ( I love finding a recipe that i cant wait to try)

I however have never used Madeira before and wonder if there is one brand that might lend itself better to this recipe than another. I would appreciate any thoughts you might have.

Thanks ever so much

accidently posted this in the wrong place. sorry
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Any decent generic madeira will do, it is a sweet wine and lends itself great to any kind of beef dish even meatloaf.:chef:
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thank you ever so much!
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Madeira, like Marsala comes in sweet and off-dry variations. You want an off-dry. Also, you don't want an expensive wine for cooking purposes. Your purchase price should be well under $10/bottle. I use "San Antonio," made at a funny little winery near the county jail, just behind downtown Los Angles. Price here in California, around $5/bottle.

If you cannot find a usable Madeira, dry Marsala and an off-dry sherry such as an Amontillado are good substitutes.

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good !
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