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Need Help with Lamb Dinner (no oven )

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I want to offer Lamb Sunday lunch to a bunch of ex pats living in Paradise on the Equator. I have very limited equipment I have no oven but have a modern style BBQ unit with cover. Can I do shoulder or Roast lamb on this …. Recipes and advice greatly appreciated…

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How many burners on the grill? If it has a rotisserie that would be an option. If it is multi burner you could turn the center burner(s) off and use the outside ones as an indirect heat source.
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Seared Lamb Loin then filet it up (not sure what the french term for this is, perhaps chateau bri-lamb? haha) ......mmmmmmmmm thats on the menu for me at home this Saturday!
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Mignon d'agneau.

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Yes you can -- successfully and easily. Tell us more about your "modern style BBQ unit with cover," How wide? How many burners? Rotisserie? If I'm repeating Mary B, it's because she bears repitition.

Pesumably by "roast lamb," you mean a leg of lamb.

If you can acquire mignon of lamb, I have a teriffic recipe for lamb in an olive cream sauce which is adapted for some of the cooking to be done on the outside grill. But, it's a heck of a lot of work and quite expensive. So if either makes it a non-starter, don't ask.

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I do boned and butterflied lamb and goat legs on the grill quite often. They cook fairly fast and if marinated to your liking are very nice. I stud them with garlic cloves, marinate in extra virgin, lemon juice, black pepper, salt, herbs and parsley. One side grill hot, the other side off. Mark it well on both sides over the hot part and then move it to the off side, close the lid and cook to your preference.
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Best lamb I ever had was made by a friend of mine on the grill. She used a recipe similar to one once posted by BDL. She marinated a leg of lamb, wrapped it in foil and cooked it on a standard Weber grill. I have yet to have lamb that was that good.
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Impressed by the responce

Well….. Impressed by the response…:D. The BBQ unit is 4 burner the rotisserie is Missing so I guess I am on the outside burner option with indirect heat… it will be a “Leg of Lamb” most meet except lamb is easy to find here but quality and hygiene are an issue on most meats. Thanks for the wealth of advice on this issue and I will let you know how I survive the weekend.:crazy: We are not talking vast numbers here but building a local trade ….. and starting at the ground floor. Thanks again all
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Even indirect you may need to shield the edges of the meat with foil that face the burners that are on. I also add a water pan on top of the 2 center burners to add a little humidity and catch grease. Turn the meat a few times also. A hot sear over all the burners works well before going indirect.
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This is the back of beyond.........

Well I have all I need now for the Sunday Lunch “Lamb Dinner” except lamb. So its of to the old American Forces Base where we can normally buy everything we need if unable to buy local..:bounce:
Thanks again MaryB for the last minute advice.

Charles :chef:
…. Oooooooow I almost forgot being here we take for granted the low prices and it becomes part of daily life but maybe the sale price of the dinner may put a smile on faces … Lamb, Carrots and Sayote, Broccoli, roast potatoes. 350peso ( $7 )
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The best laid plans of Mice and Men

Spent a half day searching for lamb and failed ..:(
I had to resort to a nice joint of pork:lips: that was well received but have served this on a few occasions already. Thank you for all your suggestions and comments I am sure I will be a regular contributor to the forum. I must get round to posting a few pictures of my work place and location.

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