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Deep fryer questions

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Hi, I'm new here & am a chile-head.

I bought a deep fryer last weekend and have some questions. It's a T-fal Family Pro-Fryer. Holds max 12 cups of oil if I obey the fill line. http://www.tefal.com/All+Products/Cooking+appliances/Fryers/Products/Family+Pro-Fryer/Family+Pro-Fryer.htm

Just a few questions to start with:

The oil only comes up 1 1/2" into the basket. Does whatever I'm cooking have to be totally immersed in oil?

Instructions say to filter the used oil for reusing. Filter how? Do I then refrigerate the filtered oil?
I bought a 5 qt container of canola oil and several batter mixes: http://www.fototime.com/inv/3B91496EA0E8D64 Will add pics as I use it.

One of the things I want to make are sourdough pretzel bits similar to the Snyder ones: http://www.snydersofhanover.com/en/products.php?cat=2&id=31 Their's are dusted with a seasoning powder and I would rather add fresh chopped peppers or pepper powder directly to the sourdough and roll the dough in a coarse salt like regular pretzil sticks are. I'm not very experienced with sourdough, but have kept some "Carl's Starter" active for several years now & use as a fermentation starter.

Thanks! jt
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>>>One of the things I want to make are sourdough pretzel bits similar to the........

uhmmmm, would it make a difference to know that pretzels are not deep fried?
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Nope. I'm pretty sure some are.
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Pretzels are boiled then baked. Look on amazon for a deep fryer filter funnel or just buy a regular funnel and use cheesecloth. Personally I don't bother but I am only frying food for one person so the oil doesn't get nasty as fast. I leave the oil in mine, close the lid and leave it sit on the counter.
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Yes. the food needs to be immersed in the oil. Oil expands some when heated and I would follow the manufactureres directions for the correct level as it could overflow and cause burns to you or a fire. To make pretzels coated with seasoning, the pretzels need to be cooked (baked) first, then coated with either oil or egg white, (so seasoning sticks), coated with the seasoning and baked again. To filter the oil, I use a coffee filter which is similar to the filters used in commercial kitchens. You can put the filter in a strainer and pour the oil through. Even after filtering, there will be some food residue which can get skanky if not refrigerated, so I recommend putting the oil in the frige.
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Thanks much for the helpful replies. I'll buy coffee filters and a large metal funnel this morning. I'm wanting to deep fry chicken leg quarters and am really worried they might not be totally immersed in oil. Won't know until I try this morning.

My sourdough that I wanted to use for the pretzel sticks isn't doubling in size like it should yet so need to work on that. I have the dough in a ho-made incubator at 86F and am feeding twice a day. There's probably a better forum for that question though.

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