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Now I'm hooked

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A friend of mine who is a Chef in Washington state told me I need to check out this site and now he has me addicted to this place!!

We had met on a message board for travel to Italy and we've been friends since both sharing a tremendous passion for food. Experimenting in the kitchen is great (especially when they come out well!) and cooking for others just does it for me.

Open a restaurant? No, I don't want the fun to turn to work. It's work but it is with a love of it and I'm looking to this forum to learn from masters and share some of my successes, even though I'm a novice.

My specialty... all things Italian of course... hence the name!

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Like you, I'm a passionate home cook - and I love to visit good restaurants in every country I visit!

I hope you'll enjoy this site - there are lots of different areas of interest - there are a few boards which are specifically for the use of professionals in the food industry - but lots of interesting reading for us 'non-professionals' in there, too.:D
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