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hi there i am a professional chef over in sydney australia , are there any more aussie members if so give me a shout and id just like to say its great to be a part of this site thanks
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Hey Mickster,
Add me as a friend?
P.S. Hey and welcome to the fourm...im new today too lol ;)
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G'day to you both!

I'm Scots, but have lots of family i NSW, SA and WA. I've visited a number of times and am due another visit - it was going to be Christmas 2009, but my sister in NSW has put me off - I'm the typical celt, white, white, WHITE skin and red hair. My sister says I wouldn't have lasted the pace this last summer in Aus with temps of over 43 degrees!

Hope you'll both enjoy participating here - we have some areas specifically for those in the culinary professions - but for those of us who are just enthusiastic amateurs, they make great reading, even if we don't post there!
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