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Hey guys, I've been baking for a while now, not a culinary genius, but I've always enjoyed baking pastries. I love the smell of the kitchen afterward, filling you with a nice warm feeling. I love the fact that it is something you can do with your significant other and have a lot of fun with. I love the fact that some women find it appealing when they find a man can bake, and bake well. But, enough about that, lets get to business.

I usually like to make the normal things, sometimes I travel to the exotic, but it is usually the standard cakes, cookies, and pies. But sadly I have a weakness in my baking skills, cookies. I have trouble with proportions and spacing, easily fixable: but there is one other thing.

How does one go about increase softness or hardness within a cookie. I've tried several different ways, using certain ingredients to increase evaporation, to decrease evaporation; yet none seem to help. Do any of you have suggestions? How would you go about increasing or decreasing softness or hardness? When I bake I usually get the extremes of the two, which is why I seem to be making cookies less and less.

So, any suggestions?