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I am not a pro-chef, but am trying to experiment at home and throw a few large company parties several times a year. I try to cook the food myself as it gets me points with my employees as I am in the food business.
Throughout my travels I have eaten in fine steakhouses that serve dry aged steaks and have always liked the dry aged flavor and the smooth texture of the meat. Recently I found a product that allows me to dry age my own steaks in my fridge. I took a ribeye and vacuum sealed it into this bag and aged it in the fridge for 2 weeks. The bag allows the moisture to go through, while still maintaining a vacuum (sounds like science fiction, but it works). The meat had a thin crust from drying, just like the dry aged meat I saw when I went into the aging room of Smith and Wolensky.
I trimmed the crust and cut the steaks. They were fantastic, the dry aged flavor was buttery and the texture was very smooth. I tasted the wet aged side by side and was really impressed. This bag requires a snorkel or a chamber type vacuum sealer (I used my portable Sinbo sealer) and you have to put the meat onto a wire rack so theta the air can be all the way aroung the piece to allow moisture to evaporate.
Product is called Drybag and its at