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Just wondering......

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Did anyone catch last nights Daily Show with Jon Stewart?

All I can say is WOW! and that it took a guy who makes "fart noises and funny faces" to finally make those points! ;) Don't need to go into specifics so's not to get this topic "flamed" I was just curious.:look:
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The Daily Show is brillant!!! I have followed it from the beginning but it really came into its own when Jon Stewart took over. Missed last night's episode, but the guy really has the pulse of what is going on in Washington and the show is very informative if you are intelligent enough to read beyond the jokes.
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Pete, they had the full, unedited version of the show on-line yesterday so you can catch it there. I haven't watched the on-line version yet but did sit down to watch the re-air last evening with the DW. Even she was impressed.

I'd have to agree whole-heartedly on show.
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