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Aloha from beautiful Maui.
I'm a professional Chef and am in the process of looking into opening a bakery here. Been in the biz for about 30 years on and off, mostly on, as I bet many of you can relate to.
Could use a bit of advice on which oven to buy. I've used mostly convection ovens over the years or under range ovens. Will not be doing much bread in the beginning but hope to grow into it. Am thinking about injection steam for a nice crust. Just not sure whether to go with Convection or Deck.
I'm looking at a Baker's Pride Y602 double deck, making one deck with steam and the other without.

Any suggestions or opinions on preference Deck vs. Convection??

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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.

I'm not a chef, so I have no answer for your question but if you re-post it in either the professionals only area of the site or on the kitchen equipment forum, I'm sure someone will answer your query!
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As i have great experience in Catering Services i would prefer deck because of the great demand and much cheaper
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Thanks Ishbel
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Hey Zev, A big Aloha hot Molasada bake at you. I started in the Restaurant business on Oahu 30 years ago. I work for an old company called Spencecliff, they owned about 30 restaurants. One of them was a Bakery near the airport, and a few Restaurants in Ala Moana Ctr that I managed..............Take care and good luck ..............Bill
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Hey Bill thanks and Aloha to you too.
Did you do a lot of baking in the restaurants? Are you using mostly convection ovens? Thats what I've used mostly. Ever use a deck oven for baking?
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Hey Zev, The only baking we do is from Frozen formed, IQF frozen dough put on a pan, thaw, proof and bake. I have to do things the easy way so all can do. I have a Dbl Convection oven. Take care.......Bill.........did you know of SpenceCliff Restaurants ???
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thats really cool...i wish u luck in opening ur own bakery hope it works out well...usually bakerys are a great idea to start
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hi everyone mi a 4th tear apprentice and im here looking to better my knwledge in pastry,im so glad i found this forum!
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