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Hello,Everyone! I'm the new registered memeber here, and also a fresh one with no exerience in the professional chef industry. I'm considering to change the career, start the own bakery/patisserie business, it seems to be a huge change and challenge to myself, but it is worth to try for a dream of the lifetime,isn't it?

First of all, I need to attend the patisserie or baking courses from the entry-level, and I did some desk research to choose the properate training school. There's some recommendations for Le Cordon Bleu & LenĂ´tre on this web site. I vistied their website for more detailed & specific information, seems like Le Cordon Bleu is more globalizaiton and experienced in this industry, and LenĂ´tre is more luxury and work-shop based, but both of them provide the Patisserie training courses from basic to Superior. I don't know how to choose the most poperate school and course at this moment, pls kindly give me your professional comments or any suggestions. I really do appreciate for your time and help.

It's my pleasure to have the opportunity to visit the "Chef Talk" and know all of friends here. Wish you all have a nice day! --Aaron