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Ok... I know how to temper chocolate. i have done it too many times to count. BUT I have encountered a problem:

I have always tempered chocolate from a tempered state, let me clarify.
I take hard tempered chocolate either completely new pistoles or chocolate that i had tempered before that I had stored cooled then add more to it , melt, seed etc etc... Never a problem...

I just transferred to a new job and they keep the chocolate in the oven with the pilot on, so its always melted. then they heat it up a bit in the microwave, seed, stir =tempered.

i thought this was strange(I was taught to NEVER keep choclate melted for long periods of time ie days) but i tried it, and failed, then tried again and failed. I did what they do, and I test on my lip feels fine, then I test on my spatula and it won't set....

i dont understand what i am doing wrong. it's annoying and embarrassing.
does anyone have and answer?

i think I might just do it my way,....
But i still want to know what i have done wrong.