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New Product Review...Starkist SeaSations Steam Bag Fish Portions

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Sorry guys. I tried to post here directly with the embed codes for the pics and video clips but it wouldn't take properly.

Link is here
New Product Review....Starkist's 'Seasations' Steam in Bag Savory Lemon & Herb Fish Portions - FohBoh
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Invented by and made by a chemist not a chef Forgetaboutit!:(
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Interesting review. Surprising how inconsistent "the product" was.

You shouldn't eat food that ships open. You know better. Honestly I know better, and I would have tried it. Note: You couldn't trick a woman, not even a beginner.

As you know, the manufacturer bears three major costs. The cost of getting it into the box, onto the grocery shelf (marketing to the retailer), and off of the grocery shelf (marketing to the consumer). The retailer has costs to cover as well. Look at it that way, and $6 still seems expensive.

Apparently Ed doesn't frozen food because it isn't made by chefs. Linda, my wife would rather eat nuked frozen food than cold cuts -- but she's not much of a fish eater. So Starkist is still S. O. L.

Nice post,
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Ed is somewhat correct...the chemists are busier than the chefs these days.

However, there are some absolutely kickass sous vide products out there. Culinarte Boneworks makes some amazing products that I wouldn't even consider trying to duplicate from scratch.

As far as I know, this is Starkists first attempt at this.

BDL, you're correct about all the additional hidden costs factors and I won't argue about that at all. They are likely building up some cash for coupons and promotions as well.

Thanks for the comments
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I worked with Sou-vide products over 20 years ago and I can tell you they were developed by chefs then refined by chemist. I still use sou vide products but where I work we do our own. Every product we do is vacuem packed and sealed. Even uncooked fish last 6 days.
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I hear you.
The guys from Cuisine Solutions say they invented the whole sous vide concept. Not sure if that's the truth or not.....but I'm aware that they use browning agents and stuff like that. My point was that Boneworks still actually sears the product they make.
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Also, I posted Starkists response to my blog post.
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Where is their response? NM. Found it on another page.

This is what happens when stuff meant for a particular segment falls into the hands of an unintended consumer. Cut them a break, I mean, cripes, you can't expect people to sell you product for the price of the raw product alone can you? Even in restaurants we sell stuff at 300% markup. Even the most expensive premium canned soup products cost only $0.75 in ingredients to make.
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Starkist Reply

March 23, 2009
Dear Steve,

Thank you for your email regarding StarKist SeaSations Savory Lemon & Herb White
Fish Fillets.

Since SeaSations is a brand new product, using new steamer pouch technology,
we’re very interested in your comments. We use consumer feedback – whether
positive or negative – to continually improve our products and packaging. The
details and videos you provided on your blog are very helpful, and will be
shared with our Research & Development Team.

We’re excited about SeaSations because we believe it offers consumers who may
not be as comfortable preparing seafood as you are, the chance to enjoy a high
quality, convenient and nutritious seafood meal.

Although you and your daughter were disappointed by the Lemon & Herb variety, we
also offer three other delicious varieties, including: Teriyaki Orange & Ginger
(my personal favorite!), Thai with Basil, and Mediterranean Tomato & Basil. Note
that SeaSations is still in a limited Test Market area, which includes Florida
and the Atlanta, Georgia area.

We hope you’ll consider trying one of our other SeaSations varieties,
compliments of StarKist, and I’m sending you a coupon in the mail for a free
two-pack. SeaSations also offers a Money Back Guarantee if you’re not
satisfied, with details on our website at

Thanks again for the opportunity to respond!

StarKist Consumer Affairs
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You are right and I agree with you. I even stated that I thought it was of 'reasonable value'....well, if both bags had worked it would have been.
Pour that fish over some rice and you're good to go.

Due to current economic woes all around, I thought the simple math might help some people save some cash by shopping smarter.

I'll take my beating with a grin.
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Nah nobody's beating anyone. I think the same way myself. I can do it in the same amount of time it takes for someone to boil water and reheat it. :) But I know who I am, and I know the people who buy this kinda stuff. Totally different crowd.
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