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New Peoples!

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Hello everyone, I am a new peoples. My name is Don my nick is Donnie and my handle is dgcooks. I hail from Oklahoma City, but have lived in several other places. I was referred here by Bizkit, a Cheffie friend of mine for nearly 15 years. Glad to become part of your forum.:cool:
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Hello and welcome.

There are lots of interesting people on here - from basic 'can't boil water' cooks to masterchefs!

Feel free to join in any topic that is of special interest, or even post your own topics so we can get to know you.
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Thanks, Ishbel!
So, a couple more things about me, I have two dogs; a scottish terrier, and a dobermann. they are both puppies. Also, I am LeCordonBleu- Paris Alum. I received a Grande Diplome in 2004. (silmoutaneously studying cusine and pastry, and Oenology.) My lead Pastry instructor won the MOF that year. Gotta run, taking Lucy the Dobermann to agility training, so that's all for now.
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