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To whom it may concern,

I live in Northern California and I am looking into multiple culinary schools. If you are studying culinary at the below listed schools, I would like to ask some questions about the school.

City College of San Francisco
Santa Rosa Junior College
Cabrillo College
Mission College
San Joaquin Delta College
American River College

Below are some questions I already have, but I know I will have more later.

1. Do you feel like you learned or are learning a lot about culinary?
2. Did you have to or going to have buy a lot of equipment for the program?
3. How is the interaction between the students and the teachers? Meaning is there good connection to learn from.
4. Do you only get to learn in the classroom and lab kitchen, or is there other assignments or projects you get to learn from?
5. Do you like the program that you are in?

Thank you again to anyone who helps me.