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Hello from a "very amateur" home-cooking-fool wabbit

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What a nice place this is!...
Favorite food = carrots...
Favorite phrase = "rabbits are friends not food"
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Hi Whiterabbit, and welcome to Chef Talk. Does your microbiology background help you in any way with cooking? In recent years there's been a lot of cross-over between cooking and science.

We hope you browse around the board, get acquainted with all the great features here (blogs, photo gallery, cooking articles, etc.) and dive in. What do you like to cook, now that we know you don't cook members of the Leporidae family. ;)

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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well hello. :)

Hi Mezzaluna. (Italian?) I actually must make a confession and admit I do enjoy the odd rabbit stew (mmmm) once in a very long while (I grew up in the Mediterranean, what can I say?!) but I thought it would be rude to admit to such cannibalism after picking a nickname like whiterabbit. hehehe.

Anyways, does my microbiology help with cooking? hmmm... I am sure it does, on some level (especially helps to be conscious of hygiene in the kitchen etc, since I have a very good idea of just what bacteria and how many of them are on any particular surface or food at any given time). In fact it makes one into a bit of a OCD clean person. I pick stainless steel cookware over cast iron, for example, because I am paranoid at the thought of any residual beasties happily residing in cast iron. Even though I know they don't hurt anything in that particular case, it still raises the rabbit fur on the back of my neck, so to speak.

What I like to cook? Mostly Mediterranean style cooking (Western rather that Eastern). Italian style dishes can be very varied and delicious and I tend to experiment with those kinds of dishes, and I find lots of ideas and variety from region to region in that part of the world. Things like rolled, stuffed veal escalopes in creamy wine sauce; and globe artichokes (with a garlic and bread stuffing and balsamic vinegrette reduction drizzled over). hmmm, well, there's too many to name. Anyway, this rabbit likes food, and the magic of transforming it in the kitchen into some splendid creation has always put a smile on my face (since I was ten years old in fact). I really enjoy "feeding people" hehehe.

I've never had a good kitchen but that is about to change. We are building a "dream home" at last, with a "dream kitchen" in it, and should be in it by the end of this year. So I am looking forward to doing things like "searing" (seared Ahi Tuna mmmm), which I haven't been able to do before. Amongst other things....

Anyway, that's all for now. Gotta go work. Have a great day. :)
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I noticed that you are from Malta - one of my favourite Mediterranean islands - in fact, my sister married a Maltese man in Australia.

Now, they always told me that fenkata (excuse spelling!) is the national dish of Malta... now... isn't that rabbit?!:D
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yes it is!

Hi. Hehe, yes it is, and very delicious also (I think your spelling is correct, though I have forgotten a lot of my Maltese in the last 20 years). I actually do eat rabbit on occasion but thought it rude to say so, considering my nick. Well, isn't it a small world lol. Malta is a pretty place, I think. Very different from the "Wild West" where I now reside (very beautiful in its way, also). Sounds like you have a place to stay in Australia, when you want to visit there.
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Yes, I do - we also visit Malta to see my sister's in-laws. They live in Naxxar and Mosta.
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That's really great. Those names sure bring back memories! I grew up in San Gwann, not so far from Naxxar... This is very cool, thanks for your lovely msg's! I don't often meet people who have been to Malta, or even know where on earth it is.. hehe

So what kind of cooking do you like to do?

I don't suppose you have a favorite gas cooktop, do you? I am desperately trying to decide which one to get for a new kitchen, and I am so lost! I've never had a gas cooktop so have no idea which is best (and it needs to be propane since we are going the "solar and wind" route on this house, so very limited electricity). Yes, we are nuts! lol

Any ideas?

PS: this is such an interesting web-site. I'm so glad I bumped into it! I am a total amateur, but I love to cook, and everyone on here knows so much about so many interesting things!
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I know San Gwann very well, my sister-in-law (as I call her) and her husband built a HUGE village at San Pawl Tat Targa, just off the San Gwann road! Small world, eh?

I love to cook lots of different styles of food, including Maltese - my sister's in-laws have ensured that I know how to make pastizzis, timpani etc!

I'm a keen amateur.

I used to cook on an Aga, but had it taken out (and actually sold it for only a couple of hundred pounds less than it cost to fit, years ago). I now use a NEFF five burner stove, with a wok burner in the middle and a NEFF double oven. I can't help you with American makes, though. Why don't you put this question in the 'equipment' fora on here, I'm SURE you'll get lots of helpful advice there.
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You know, after chatting with you like this I may just have to buy a ticket and go visit Malta in person. I haven't been over there in over 20 years, and it sure would be nice to see the Mediterranean up close again. And all that lovely Mediterranean cuisine! *s*

Thanks for sharing with regards to cooking appliances. Love your choices! Aga and NEFF! Nice! I'll have to look at them, maybe I could afford a "small" one of those (rabbit-sized). I don't know why I didn't think to check them out before. Thanks for the tip. I did actually post in the "kitchen equipment" forum but so far only one response, so not much going on there yet... perhaps, given time...

So, once again, you've been a gem. :)

Well, have a great day. I am going to research my cooking library and see if I have a recipe for pastizzi... for some reason I suddenly have a craving. :lips:
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