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Perfect Brownies

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While i was in culinary school, one of the baking instructors would make the perfect brownie. It would come out being fudge-like on the bottom but have a cake-ier top.
He would never give out the recipe, and to this day i have not been able to duplicate it. Does anyone have any ideals on how to replicate this. I'm thinking maybe a brownie mix that seperates while baking. thanks
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I'm really not a baker, but logistically, could you bake the brownies half way, then broil them so the top gets finished?
Don't know what the effect would be, but it just came to mind as a way around the mix.
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Not sure if this is what your looking for. Andy your right about the under cooking.
There are a couple of recipes that create a similar effect, either you under cook a cake as in the Molten Chocolate Cakes or my favourite where you pour a water downed mixture over your batter that settles and makes a sauce on the bottom of the cake like the Brownie Pudding Cake.

Molten Chocolate Cakes with Mint Fudge Sauce Recipe at Epicurious.com

Brownie Pudding Cake Recipe at Epicurious.com
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