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Cooking Weekends

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We are a small hotel based in Calne, Wiltshire looking to begin some cookery weekends, where the guests come to stay for the weekend and participate in either a one or two day cookery class. We are doing some initital research at present and I am trying to make some contact with people who are willing and able to teach the cookery classes. If you are, or know know anyone who is please get in contact with me.
Many thanks.
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Hello and welcome to cheftalk!

I'm based in the UK, and I've attended lots of cookery courses around the country, but most have been held at the cookery school owned by the chef, such as Nick Nairn, Anton Mosimann and Rick Stein.

However, it sounds like it might be a goer for you - although this is a time of belt-tightening for everyone, I suspect that we foody-holics will always find the money to indulge our passion - food!

I'm sure if you put your question into the Professional fora on here, you would be more successful. I'm not sure how many of our chefs are actually based in the UK.
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