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Hi everyone

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Hi friends...
this is inky here... i am so excited on joining this forum.. i am a lover of foods and am not a learner.. but i have started cooking now... so joining this forum is gonna help me a lot and i am eager for active participation....:chef::chef:
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Hell9 Inky, and welcome to Cheftalk.

We have all ranges of abilities here, from enthusiastic amateurs like myself, to masterchefs.

Please have a good look round and then feel free to join any conversation on a topic of interest to you. All we ask is that members who are not professionals do not post in the part of the site reserved for culinary professionals. However, we are free to read those fora and I have to say that I've found lots of interesting advice on there and I hope you will read and enjoy.
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oh thank you.... i wont post in restricted area... i am sure i am gonna enjoy the stay over here:lips::lips:
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