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Hi all

My name in Megan and I am from Australia. I love baking and would eventually like to get into baking/cake decorating and start my own business.

I look forward to receiving advice from all those experienced people out there and learning a lot!!

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G'day, Megan and welcome to Cheftalk!

I've visited Australia a number of times and will be back early next year - I was due to spend Christmas 09 with family in NSW, but this year's heat and forest fires made my family think it would all be too hot for me. I'm your typical red-haired, fair-skinned Scot - and I don't deal with heat well!

There are all levels of skill here, from home cooks to master chefs. Please have a good look round and join in on any thread that is of special interest, or even start your own topic. All we ask is that you do not post in the professionals areas, but you are at liberty to read those fora, and I know that I've learned a lot from have a squizz in there!
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