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What can I do with this?

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I bought a couple bars of organic home made chocolate flavored with chili at a farmer's market, it was an impulse buy. Nice chocolate flavor, not overly bitter at 70% cocoa content, grown in a Mexican plantation, its surprisingly spicy but it doesn't hit for the first 2 seconds of chewing.

I'm thinking Molle (I think that is how to spell it) or a chocolate chili cake, maybe a spicy hot chocolate. Wondering what else I could do with this but right now, I only have 2 bars worth (about 500g). Any suggestions?
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Fondue? (That was going to be all I said but after pushing the submit button the site said my answer was too short to submit so here's a bunch of extra words)

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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I believe I would brew a strong pot of good coffee, or open a bottle of good Pinot Noir, or best of all get some McKewen's Scotch Ale and eat it. ALL, with friends. You can always go back and get more....
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Mole [mo-lay] is a nice sauce for chicken. Typically, the chicken is slow cooked, so the flavor is infused throughout. I must admit, I have never made it, and don't know how to begin, but you can probably get a number of hits if you google it. I hope you enjoy it, however you decide to use it. :lips:
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
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A mole (mo LAY) is a kind of sauce. There are a variety made throughout Mexico, but the most famous are the seven moles of the seven regions of Oaxaca. They are so smooth, rich, and deeply flavored that the meat they dress is secondary.

The mole made with chocolate is called mole negro or mole Poblano. Chicken is not an essential part, the mole can be used for just about any meat, cheese enchiladas, or just chilaquiles. To make mole negro at all well takes a lot of ingredients and time. "A lot," as in "a lot." Way more than "some." Done well, the sauce is wondrous. A revelation in fact. While there are shortcuts and substitutes, the dish deserves best efforts. Unless you're willing to track down a bunch of Mexican ingredients and spend a couple of days making the mole -- you're better off finding other applications for your chocolate. Let me suggest a mousse made with plenty of smooth dark rum -- like Brugal. Chile, cinnamon, chocolate brownies would be interesting as well.

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Add it to your favorite chili recipe.
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I guess I assumed this was eating chocolate. Mole needs to be made with unsweetened chocolate.
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Yeah really. What do you mean "do?" There's nothing better than eating chocolate with good coffee. :D
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You could try going the dessert route with it too.... make a batch of gelato with it. Chocolate with red pepper is commonly found in gelaterias in Italy. It's sort of neat to have the 'sweet' with the 'hot'... and cold!!
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