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meat processing

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i'm trying to get involved in the trade of meat curing, smoking, processing, etc. i was wondering if anyone knows about programs in the u.s. where one can obtain meat processing certification? at tech schools perhaps? i'm having a little bit of trouble finding anything outside of canada, and i'm not sure if that's because a "meat processing certificate" doesn't exist by u.s. standards.

and if you don't know about the certification, but you do know a thing or two about charcuterie: should i just find a butcher who processes their own cured meats and sausages and apply for a job? or should i appeal to said butcher with humble aspirations of apprenticing??

i really want to learn about different methods of meat processing, but the trial-and-error approach is killing me financially. i was just hoping for a little insight from anyone who has been involved in the trade for a while.

thanks in advance,

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You look up the local university meat science lab. Most Ag schools have a meat science department where they teach at least one course in processing.
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