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flavoring fish

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I would like to know about imparting fish with flavors.

what seasonings work, what methods, and how to do it

I made a dish the other day where i simmered whole catfish in a stew that had lots of onions thyme and some bayleaf and black pepper in it as well as coconut milk, lots of roots like yuca/cassava, plantain, irish potato and african yam (yampie) and a bit of bouyon as well (a bit of msg and chicken fat/broth) and half a teaspoon of my ridiculously intense trinidad style habanero pepper sauce that is too hot to eat by itself. the end dish is not spicy by the way. hte stew itself was cooked with salted cod (bacalao) cooked in it (with most salt removed)

the fresh fish were simmered towards the end and i brought most of the dish along with the fish and the okra and sweet corn bread dumplings that had also steamed on top to a function. there is a tomato butter sauce to go with it (chopped tomatoes and green onions cooked with butter and olive oil)

so the fish tasted great

im wondering if the fact that it was immered in this aromatic pot helped improve its flavor?

or would plain steamed fish served alongside the stew, roots and sauces be just as good?

the reason i ask is i have more stew and need to cook more tomato butter sauce, more okra and corn bread dumplings and more whole fish

but i dont really want to reheat the stew to cook the fish in it

so what can i do

at first i was gonna simmer it in the tomato sauce

buti dont want to do that

im now interested in stuffing or seasoning (marinating?) the fish in something

wrappingit in tin foil and baking

the fish is trout, i believe it is a sea trout bu t it may be a lake trout

it is whole and i have scaled it and rinsed it win water and vinegar.... it is about 2 lbs including head

i was gonna stuff it with garlic, chopped bacon and thyme and a wee bit of that pepper sauce and then wrap it up to bake

will the stuffing improve the flavor?

can whole fish be gashed to allow seasonings or marinade to penetrate?

what marinading methods work?

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With all those flavours already in the stew, I'd cook the fish pretty plainly. Bake in the oven, stuffed with some lemon slices, S&P in the cavity of the fish, some shreds of mild chilli and onion on top. Seal it in oiled foil, maybe a dash of white wine inside the envelope. Slashing it on both sides will help the flavour get into the fish and cook more evenly.

Reheat your stew gently meanwhile, make your dumplings and tomato butter sauce, then when all is ready serve portions of the fish on your other ingredients.

Fish cooks well in most sauces, it soaks up the flavour and it stays juicy. Its a fairly forgiving method of cooking fish, it won't matter very much if you have to leave it a few minutes.
 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

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