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I have skinned some turkey legs and marinaded them overnight

I want to slow cook them

they are jerk marinaded and i have marinade for basting if needed

i have a few questions

i pricked one with a kife all over.. i pricked down to the bone. is this the way?

another one is made deep gashes in on each side down to the bone

another one i left plain

just to see how it changes flavor and texture, what do yall think?

how should i cook?

350 degrees and down to 325 once put in?

basted every 20 minutes or so for one hour or more?

what aobut wrappign in foil packets with a little marinade?

jerk can be juicy or dry on the inside depending on where u are or who makes it

some jamaicans like it drier, some jamaicans in london like it juicy.

i think i prefer it juicer

but i would like to know how to make either way

this goes for turkey legs in general, i am just telling you precisely what i am doing to give more info.