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Hello my name is Greg. I am a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and have been in the business aboutt 17 years. I have a great love and passion for food and everything that comes with it. I have always wanted to pursue a career as a private chef, never quiet knew where to start. I am hoping to get some guidance and advice on where to start. Any response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Hello Greg and welcome to Cheftalk.

Whilst I am not a professional, many of the members here are - from all branches of culinary professions, including a number of private chefs. I am sure that if you post your question in the professional forum, someone will be able to give you sound advice!
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Thank you.

Thank you for your response, and adviice I will definetly put your suggestion into action and seek guidance in that forum. Thank you again have a great day.
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